Because this recipe is so easy and quick, and allows for that element of stickiness beloved of small children, I think this is one project you will enjoy. Just think of a wet afternoon, when everybody is feeling rather bored or lethargic. This will cheer them up, especially as they will see fast results. Get the little ones involved in weighing and beating and flattening the dough. Let them put their own fillings on the finished product, and watch these English Afternoon Tea Scones just disappear. My own favourites are the sweet ones, to be eaten with afternoon tea, once you have all eaten your cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off, of course.


8 ounces of self-raising flour
Pinch of salt
2 ounces of sugar
1 ounce of margarine
1 beaten egg
A little milk ( you want a slightly sticky dough)


Get a trustworthy accomplice to beat up the egg. Watch another weigh out the flour and put it in a bowl. Same with the sugar, then add it. Rub in the margarine with your finger tips. Maybe you should do this bit, it can be tricky.

Now let somebody put in the egg and stir it around. Add the little milk yourself, it is safer. Have another helper flour a surface for you. Somebody else might want to tip the mixture onto the floured surface. Let little hands pat the dough till it is about 1/2″ thick.

Meanwhile, heat the oven to Gas Mark 8 (23oC, 450F) and have another person grease a baking tray. Now, cutters at the ready, everyone can have a turn. If you do not have enough pastry cutters to share out, use cups – you want eight rounds at the finish.

Allow helpers to transfer the scones to the baking tray. Put this in the over for 10-12 minutes until the scones feel firm to the touch and are a light golden colour. Maybe you should do this bit, the testing I mean, yourself. Too much ouch factor, otherwise.

Serve hot with butter, or cool with jam and clotted cream. I like butter and strawberry jam myself, not being big on cream, but who knows. Chocolate spread may appeal to little ones, or crunchy peanut butter. Scones are so humble, economic and versatile.

VARIATIONS: Add 2-3 ounces of raisins and sultanas mixed, for fruit scones. Or, if you like dates, chop up a few of these instead, a very nice alternative.
For cheese scones, omit the sugar, add a dash of pepper and 4 tablespoons of finely grated hard cheese. You might also add a pinch of dried,mixed herbs for an extra flavour experience. Delicious cold with butter and a little ham. Or hot with crispy bacon sandwiched in their moist midst. Enjoy, let the team decide fillings and tastes. They have earned the right.


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